Five Year Application and Show-up Rate Summary


Summary of Applications
California State University, Chico
  Fall Semester Data
  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Number of First Time Frosh Applications   14,361 15,255 17,221 19,709 21,493
Show-up Rate of First Time Frosh Applicants   13%16%16%12%14%
Number of Undergraduate Transfer Applicants with 56+ Transferable Units   3,0212,8943,284
Show-up Rate of Undergraduate Transfer Applicants with 56+ Transferable Units   42%44%39%  
Number of Other Undergraduate Transfer Applications   2,0262,2352,2806,3876,464
Show-up Rate of Other Undergraduate Transfer Applicants   3%4%5%25%23%
Number of Undergraduate Transitory Student Applications   113189165216296
Show-up Rate of Undergraduate Transitory Applicants   70%78%79%81%75%
Number of Undergraduate Returning Student Application   270254288248169
Show-up Rate of Undergraduate Returning Student Applicants   46%41%48%50%50%
Total Number of Undergraduate Applications Received   19,79620,82723,23826,56028,422
Show-up Rate of Undergraduate Applicants   17%19%19%16%17%
Total Number of Post Baccalaureate Applications Received   1,4511,3571,3911,3341,595
Show-up Rate of Post Baccalaureate Applicants   39%38%39%38%35%
Number of Undergraduate African American Applicants   6357958791,0581,249
Number of Undergraduate American Indian Applicants   114103101126130
Number of Undergraduate Asian American Applicants   1,5891,6261,8202,3022,427
Number of Undergraduate Native Hawaiian-Other Pac. Isl. Applicants   5552819079
Number of Undergraduate Hispanic-Latino Applicants   5,0706,1957,6189,94111,746
Number of Two or More Ethnic Applicants   1,0591,0931,3441,3941,555
Number of Undergraduate White, Non-Latino Applicants   9,6889,3539,7409,9859,640
Number of Undergraduate Unknown Ethnicity Applicants   1,5861,6101,6551,6641,596
Average High School GPA for First Time Frosh Applicants
Percent of First Time Frosh Applicants with HS GPA 3.00 or Greater   65%66%65%65%67%
Average Transfer Units Accepted for Undergraduate Transfer Applicants   76.6476.8476.6977.0676.13
Average Transfer GPA for Undergraduate Transfer Student Applicants