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University Staff Development Program Committee
Training and Development Outcomes Survey

1. Please indicate your primary appointment
2. Please indicate your administrative unit

3. Please respond to the following statements regarding training(s) and development activity(ies):

Disagree Agree Strongly
My level of service to the campus community has improved
I have used the skills learned through a training or development session attended in the last three months
Overall quality of my work has improved
Overall quantity of my work has improved
I have implemented new processes
I have a better working relationship with my co-workers
I have improved my communication skills
I would recommend colleagues attend campus trainings or development activities

4. How satisfied are you regarding the following attributes of training(s) and development activity(ies) offered?

  Not Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied Not Applicable
5. Please select 3-5 topics or learning objectives you are interested in for future workshops:

6. Check any of the following barriers that may keep you from attending training sessions. (Mark all that apply)

Please provide any additional comments regarding your campus training and development experience:
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